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Taurus--the Bull
The bull was a symbol of power and strength and was worshipped in Egypt for thousands of years.
Taurus contains the Crab Nebula which is about 5000 light years away from earth.


Orion --the Hunter--The son of Poseidon (who was God of the seas), Greek
Betlegeuse is the right shoulder of Orion.
By:Braeden Hill & Cole Harris

UMa-myth.gifUrsa Major--the Big Bear
Contains the Big Dipper constellation
The ancient way of viewing the Great Bear places the Big Dipper in the rump and the tail of the bear. The tail is unusually long for a bear ... see the Myth!

UMi-myth.gifUrsa Minor-the Little Bear
Contains the Little Dipper constellation

polaris.jpgPolaris is also known as the North star.
It is in the little dipper. Has the common name of the brightest star in the sky.

external image cancer.jpg
external image cancer_the_crab_picture_of_sewout_op_539x600.jpgCancer the Crab is best seen in March at 9:00 P.M.
Cancers name in Babylon was al lu bulag the bad one.

perseus.gif constellations/perseus.html
A faint star cluster in Perseus, called M34 can be seen with binoculars
external image star_constellations3.gif

Leo-myth.gifthe persians know leo as sur.

To ancient Japanese, Orion looked like a drum.

Gem-myth.gifGemini the wins are in the northern hemisphere from November to April. and in the southern hemisphere from December to March. Castor was a horseman. Pollux was a boxer. They were born by leda and Zeus. they also had a sister Clytemnestra.

This shows some different constellation.

draco_dragon_big.jpgIt’s circumpolar. It winds around the little dipper. Eltanin is its brightest star.

external image 10_dae190bbbb5bfec13d3d5c08f0148c3a.jpg&resize_type=fixed&width=250&height=180Canis major aka the big dog is one of the 88 modern constellations, and was also in Ptolemy's list of 48 constellations

The horse flew up to join the gods, and was caught by the goddess Athena, daughter to Zeus. Athena tamed Pegasus with a golden bridle. At Mount Helicon, Pegasus started the famous spring of Hippocrene flowing with a single kick. Hippocrene was said to have been the source of all poetic inspiration. Athena later made her beloved Pegasus, the Winged Horse, into a constellation

The constellation represents the ship of the Greek warrior Menelaus, husband of Helen, sailing the ship home.

external image Mon-myth.gif

Moonoceros- the Unicorn
This mythological creature was a horned animal with the head and forequarters of a horse, the hindquarters of a stag and the tail of a lion. According to the lore that grew up around the beast, people who drank from the horn of a unicorn were protected from stomach trouble, poisoning, and epilepsy. Even today, some people believe that the rhinoceros's horn possesses magical powers.

Phoenix the firebird introduced by Johann Bayer in 1603

This is the constellation Virgo. she was usually considerted to be modest and shy,
meticulous and reliable, practical and diligent, Intelligent and analytical

another name for Lupus is Therion.

coma_virgo.jpg link.gif

Lynx is one of seven constellations introduced by Johannes Hevelius (1611-1687)


- Capricornus looks like a large triangle of fairly bright stars. The brightest stars are side by side at the triangle's western tip.

The triangulum is a constellation said to represent the island Sicily.Tri-myth.gif