Make a Movie:

You did a great job making videos from still pictures.
Now make a movie with video from a movie camera.
We have 5 flip video cameras you can check out to make a video.
You can have groups of from 2-4 people.
Some topics to consider:
  • Act out a Bible story and give an application to show how it can help you be a better person.
  • Take video of beautiful scenery and talk about God's creation and how nature helps us see God.
  • Act out a video of an inspirational story to teach a lesson.
  • Make a video to go with an inspirational song to make it like a music video that tells the story of the song.
  • Record your own inspirational music video with you singing.
  • Interview someone about an inspirational story.
You can use still pictures also, but make it mostly video.
We have 2 still cameras you can check out also.
We'll post the videos on the Internet, so only use 1st names.