1. Find the location of a book in the library

  • Go to the library website:
  • Lipscomb Libraries
  • Double-click on Middle School Library
  • If you know a favorite author, click on author
  • Then put the last name of the author, followed by the first name, if you know it
  • For an example, type in Paulsen, Gary and Click "Submit Search"
  • At the left, you see the number of books by Paulsen in the library.
  • Hardbacks are F Paulsen
  • Paperbacks are PB Paulsen
  • Biographies are 921 Pausen
  • Some books are fiction. Some are biographies or non-fiction.
  1. How many entries are there?
  2. Give me the name of the 2 Paulsen book that are not classified as fiction or biography.
  3. Is a copy of My Life in Dog Years available?
  4. How many pages are in My LIfe in Dog Years?
  5. Who published this book and in what year?
  6. Write the source as you would on a Works Cited sheet:
  • Author's Name(Last name, First Name). Title Underlined. City of Publication: Publisher, Date of Publication.