Your Task: Create a PowerPoint project about an element

  1. Choose a slide design, color scheme and font scheme.Al.jpg
  2. Each slide must have a picture, title, and text.
  3. Titles must be at least 36 pt.
  4. Text must be at least 32 pt.
  5. Colors of text and background must be chosen for optimum readability.
  6. Pictures must be clear and sharp, not blurry.
  7. Slide 1: Picture of your element, its name, and your 1st name; Add a hyperlink to a periodic table on the Internet
  8. Slide 2: Physical properties of the element such as color, magnetism, hardness, state, conductivity; metal, nonmetal, or metalloid
  9. Slide 3: Crystalline structure
  10. Slide 4: Symbol, atomic number, atomic weight, number of protons, electrons, neutrons (of most common isotope)
  11. Slide 5: Block, period, group, electron configuration
  12. Slides 6, 7: Uses of the element
  13. Slide 8: Where the element is found, its abundance
  14. Slide 9: Chemical properties, reactivity, oxidation states
  15. Slide 10: Interesting facts; Add a hyperlink to a video or song or clip about your element. Everyone must use a different video, and it must be approved by the teacher.
  16. Animate your titles on at least 2 slides.
  17. Animate your text on at least 2 slides.
  18. Animate your pictures on at least 2 slides.
  19. Record yourself talking about your element on at least 2 slides.
  20. Add transitions between the slides.
  21. Insert a sound on at least 1 slide.
  22. Time the slides an appropriate amount for viewing.

Web Sites to Use for the Task:

Examples of media clips: