Here are some questions to consider:ozone.gif

How is pollution destroying our planet?:
How long will we have clean air and water?
How does deforestation harm our environment?
How can crop rotation help produce crops with better quality and abundance?
What is the ozone layer?erthhole.gif
How does the ozone layer protect us?
What is destroying the ozone layer?
How can we save the ozone layer?

Follow these links to make a PowerPoint presentation to answer these questions.

Guidelines about the PowerPoint:

Opening Slide with your title, your name, and a picture
At least one slide about each question
Each slide must include a title, a picture, and text to answer the questions.
Choose a slide design, color scheme, animation scheme, and font scheme.
On slide 3, use a 2-color background.
On slide 4, use a preset background.
On slide 5, use a textured background.
Animate at least 2 pictures.
Your Titles should be at least 36 pt.
Your Text should be a least 24 pt.